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[HOMO] the usual.

Posted by Alexandra on 6 August 2010

Changed names of some links, changed some links, added a link to YK.  The sidebar of Schedule has been updated to reflect the addition of new/ removal of old site.


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[YK] public.

Posted by Alexandra on 6 August 2010

So, this is yet another reincarnation of my silly little food blog.  Third or fourth one, I’m not sure, — but I hope it’s the last one.  Beware of the onslaught of posts as I scramble to put up archived photos and recipes (mostly photos).  I’m not always that prolific.

Visit Yukino’s Kitchen here.

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[HOMO] psa.

Posted by Alexandra on 5 August 2010

homo-urbanicus and, d’oh, all sites hosted on it are currently either being very slow, or completely down.  Like right now.

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