Schedule updates and stuff


You know you’re anal retentive when you’ve got an about page for an updates log.

But yes, if you’re coming from some place external, this is just that — the log of updates for all the sites I currently manage, most of them being weblogs.  The links on the sidebar will take you to them.  If you want to see updates for one particular site, pick a category with that site’s name.  PSA are general notices.  HOMO are domain updates.

This place also serves as a guestbook.  So if you’ve got thoughts about a particular update (say, I’ve changed the design or added helluva content, and you’re so stoked/ vexed you need to tell me something), don’t hesitate to comment in that update’s comment field.

Complex, no?  Thought so.

Why keep site updates off server?  Well, in case all my domains die (Heaven forbid) or hosting goes awry, you, my dear visitor, will know where to find me.

Now please excuse me as I go spin around the room to Vivaldi’s La Primavera.

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