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[HOMO] psa.

Posted by Alexandra on 5 August 2010

homo-urbanicus and, d’oh, all sites hosted on it are currently either being very slow, or completely down.  Like right now.


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[INRMLDC] open.

Posted by Alexandra on 9 January 2010

So I just went and uploaded the first photo to

I probably won’t update it every weekday, as I aspire to, but I’ll try my best.

Consequently, sidebar of Schedule has been updated to reflect the addition.

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[HOMO] gen.

Posted by Alexandra on 6 January 2010

I tweaked my twitter account a little bit.

Schedule (this place) has been updated to reflect the addition of yb.c.

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[HOMO] not really.

Posted by Alexandra on 22 December 2009

I decided against posting on Plurk and then reposting it all to Twitter.  So, you can say that I have fully migrated to Twitter.  Not much of a change, I suppose, but what the hell.

Something new:  Finally started posting over at Lax Poetica — don’t question the name.  This is symbolism.

So, linked LP from; added to sidebar here.

Moved No Insincerity; removed link from

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[HOMO] clean-up.

Posted by Alexandra on 13 December 2009

Last week I just went and deleted a huge number of various accounts, files, sites, and other fun stuff.  It happens.  So!  Bored?! the wallpaper site and Rockstar the “review” log are now gone.  I cleaned everything off flickr, synchronised Plurk, Twitter, MySpace, and FaceBook accounts.  Started a couple of public galleries over at Picasa.

There will be a new html/css concoction over at soon.

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first post.

Posted by Alexandra on 31 July 2009

Checking 1) how BlogDesk works and 2) the overall transfer of HOMO updates to WordPress.

Ooh, I love how letters look in this field.

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