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[NTRL] theme, merge.

Posted by Alexandra on 29 September 2010

I switched back to the theme I once used, Bering.  Gah, I really should get my act together and make some design myself.

Merged Patient History with something neutral.  It is now a category dedicated solely to journalling.

Merged whatever little recipes I had posted over at yb.c with something neutral. They can now be found under the category ‘the Odd Vegetarian’.

I’m so creative with my category names, it’s kind of painful.


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[HOMO] epic.

Posted by Alexandra on 29 September 2010

So I’ve been doing some reorganising, but it’s behind the scenes.

Updated index.html, removed /jrnl. now points to

Sidebars of Schedule have been updated accordingly.

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[YBC] woo.

Posted by Alexandra on 6 January 2010, my weird-ass weblog on being vaguely domestic, is kinda sorta up.  Well, there’s a changed theme, a first post, and an about page, so yes.

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